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Josh Connect Media brings you pure MOTORCYCLE and CAR reviews, specs, walk-arounds of the best MOTORCYCLES AND CARS around in town, unboxing motorcycle videos, exploring the city and its environs and awesome educative YOUTUBE SHORTS. It’s a passionate hobby of mine and I’m happy to share motorcycles and cars with you on this channel to bring us closer to the things we love or have in common. The Channel brings you awesome Infotainment videos that got a lot of Educational flavors for fellow bikers, motorists, and YOU in particular. Be part of us, let's share the fun, the best motorcycles ,scooters and cars. Watch the videos, COMMENT , LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE to encourage us to bring you a lot more to this community. We're consistent in what we do . Consistency brings stability and awareness . It's FREE to SUBSCRIBE. Click Subscribe.Thank you. Remember to Keep your eyes on the Road. Safety is the hallmark. Thanks for Watching. Truly appreciate !!

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Aprilia SR GT 200 |Cinematic - Beyond  What You See

Aprilia SR GT 200 |Cinematic - Beyond What You See

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