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AlUla. Saudi Arabia’s hidden gem.


Al-Ula is a unique region of Saudi Arabia that was hidden from tourists until September 2019. Now the whole world has the opportunity to discover ancient places, which are more 6000 years old. In this episode : - Ancient tombs of Mada’in Salih ( Hegra ), - Remains of Al-Hijr - Biggest mirrored building in the world - Maraya concert-hall - (unexpectedly) performance by Craig David and Lionel Ricchi. 🔈Music libraries that I use: Find more quality music here: 🤍 A extensive library of music and sound effects that I use: 🤍 Shot and produced by: ВСЕ САМ (ALL ME) Big Thank's to Laura for drone shot's of Maraya and Desert X. Check her instagram with another photos of Al-Ula: 🤍

I travelled to Saudi Arabia // Part 1 - AlUla


Hey guys and welcome to my channel. In this video I take you along my candid first impressions of Saudi Arabia - a country that only opened to tourism in 2019. There's so many perceptions of this place, based on here-say, but only a minority of Western outsiders can really talk from a first hand experience. Everyone around me was so intrigued as to what I saw, so I thought I'll share in this video. I had an open mind, and as a traveller, the beauty and landscapes of this small part of Saudi was out of this world. This is part 1, focusing on AlUla as a desert city, but stay tuned for part 2 where I show you the more cosmopolitan side to the country. MUSIC - Epidemic Sound FOLLOW MY SOCIALS (where I actually seem cool?) 👉🏾TIKTOK 🤍 👉🏾INSTAGRAM 🤍 Subs: 663 keywords: saudi arabia saudi oskar and dan saudi arabia travel travel saudi arabia saudi arabia vlog travel to saudi arabia tourist in saudi arabia shocking saudi arabia tourism saudi arabia visit saudi saudi vlog saudi arabia travel vlog tourist in saudi al ula alula maraya mirror building saudi hegra what to do in saudi arabia things to do in saudi elephant rock black travel black travel vlog travel diaries

Exploring AlUla - SAUDI ARABIA's Hidden Gem (Hegra, Elephant Rock, Maraya) #alula #saudiarabia


* Arabic subtitles are available - الترجمة بالعربية متوفرة ايضا. يرجى اختيارها من الاعدادات In this video, we explore AlUla, an ancient city located in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia. AlUla is home to stunning landscapes, rich history, and unique cultural experiences. Our first stop was Maraya, an architectural marvel, consisting of nearly 10,000 mirrors. This mirrored building is the largest of its kind in the world and reflects the stunning desert landscape, creating a breathtaking optical illusion. Next, we will take you to Elephant Rock, a natural wonder that resembles an elephant. This unique rock formation is a popular spot for visitors to take photos and enjoy the stunning views in one of the many sunken lounges. For those looking for an adventure, 4WD driving in AlUla's desert is a must-try. It was certainly a thrill for us driving over sand dunes while taking in the views of the stunning rock formations. After a short visit at the Harrat Viewpoint, our next stop was the Oasis Heritage Trail, where you will experience the traditional oasis lifestyle of the locals. This historic trail dates back over 2,000 years and features stunning palm groves and historic buildings. We also visited the old Mudbrick Village, a fascinating cultural experience that showcases the traditional architecture and way of life of the local people. No visit to AlUla is complete without exploring Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Saudi Arabia's most significant archaeological treasures. You will see ancient tombs carved into the rocky terrain and learn about the Nabataean civilization that once inhabited the area. Finally, we visited the Old Town, which features beautifully preserved buildings and a walking street full of rustic shops, cafes and restaurants, set against a backdrop of the dramatic scenery. We can definitely recommend a visit to AlUla. It is a unique and unforgettable destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. We hope you enjoy this video and feel inspired to plan your visit to AlUla. Location of our self-drive: 🤍

Experience AlUla


We invite you to experience AlUla, Saudi Arabia and journey through a living museum of preserved tombs, historic dwellings and monuments, both natural and man-made, that hold 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history.

We Traveled to Saudi Arabia (Our Shocking Experience)


What is traveling Saudi Arabia really like? How do you travel Saudi Arabia? Is Saudi Arabia Safe? I had the same questions so I made this video. Travel to Saudi with Saudia Airlines: 🤍 Get my FREE 1-Hour Content Creator Training HERE: 🤍 Instagram 🤍 TikTok Lost LeBlanc All copyright free music used in this video comes from here: 🤍 (1 month free) & 🤍 (2 months free) Where I get copyright free footage to help tell better cinematic stories: 🤍 (2 months free) & 🤍

Al Ula Travel Guide | AlUla Saudi Arabia | Top experiences AlUla


Hi guys, in this video I want to show you what to do and experience in Al Ula in Saudi Arabia: 00:00 Intro 01:03 Hegra 02:48 Elephant Rock 03:18 Maraya 04:40 Habitat Hotel 06:05 Dadan & Jebel Ikmah 07:22 AlUla Oasis 08:00 Pink Camel Café 08:15 Historical old town & Tantura castle 09:37 Helicopter ride 10:38 Stargazing tour (Husaak adventures) 11:30 Shalal Cafe 12:05 Somewhere restaurant 12:34 AlUla Viewpoint •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Your go-to place is the Winter Park where most tours start, and you can also book excursions there or online: 🤍 Your go-to site for all adventures is Husaak Adventures: 🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ☞ ☞ ☞ My Camera equipment ☜ ☜ ☜ My Camera: 🤍 * My Wide Angle Lens: 🤍 * My Full-Frame, Mid-Range, Telephoto Lens: 🤍 * My Full Frame Zoom Lens: 🤍 * My Gimbal: 🤍 * My Tripod: 🤍 * ☞ ☞ ☞ My Smartphone equipment ☜ ☜ ☜ My Wide Lens for iPhone Pixel Galaxy OnePlus: 🤍 * My iPhone- always there + great camera: 🤍 * My Smartphone Gimbal: 🤍 * ☞ ☞ ☞ Drone, Micro, Action, Pocket ☜ ☜ ☜ My Drone: 🤍 * My Microphone: 🤍 * My Action Camera: 🤍 * My Pocket Camera: 🤍 (highly recommended buying the micro set) * •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ♡ SOCIAL MEDIA & WEBSITE ♡ Instagram Secret Travel Guide: 🤍 Instagram for Offroad Adventures: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Website: 🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ☞ E-Mail me: contact🤍 ☜ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• MUSIC Title: Dune ( Middle East Electronic by Infraction & Alexi Action) Composer:AlexiAction Link: Title:Belly Dance Middle East (Arabic Oriental Ethnic) Composer:SoundGalleryBy Link: Title:Lost In Sands Composer:OYStudio Link: Title:Happy Middle East (Arabic Oriental Ramadan Saz Traditional) Composer:SoundGalleryBy Link: Title:Joyful Eid Al-Fitr Composer:ramolmusic Link: Title:Arab World Composer:Muzaproduction Link: Title:Glory Of A Sultan Composer:Gvidon Link: Title:Mountain Path Composer:Magnetic Trailer Link: Title:Moon Of Middle East Composer:StudioKolomna Link: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• LINKS Links marked with a "*" are affiliate links. If you buy something through these links, you support my work with a commission. This is paid for by the retailer - so your product will NOT become more expensive. Thanks for the support! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #saudiarabia #saudi #alula #alulamoments #hegra #sauditravel #maraya

Discovery Channel Documentary on AlUla "Architects of Ancient Arabia" Narrator: Jeremy Irons.


Unlock the Ancient Wonders in AlUla Narrated by award-winning actor Jeremy Irons Come along with an international team of researchers as they unlock an ancient paradox in the desert oasis of AlUla. Follow their journey – from legendary heritage sites such as AlUla Old Town to mysterious Mustatils – in the Discovery Channel Documentary Architects of Ancient Arabia.

Prophet s.a.w Don't Want You to Go to This Mysterious place in Saudi Arabia


🔥 BACK IN STOCK ON HIGH DEMAND🔥 ►100 Heart-Touching Stories To Revive Your Imaan & Faith ► Buy Now: 🤍 ►Link for who Can't buy From Amazon: 🤍 - COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Quran and Islam Hold rights to all the content in the video. PLEASE NOTE: The Quran and Islam and its affiliates do not advocate nor condone any unlawful activity towards any individual or community.

Al Ula Travel guide | Tourist Attractions in Al Ula, Saudi Arabiaدليل العلا السياح | مَدَائِن صَالِح


Al Ula is a city in north-western Saudi Arabia. It is famous for Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra! It is easily accessible by Prince Abdulmajeed bin Abdulaziz Airport. In 2017 the Royal Commission of Al Ula was formed. In just 5 years, Al Ula has completely changed. It is now a hot tourist destination, and for good reason! This place boasts some amazing attractions. If you are planning to visit Al Ula, This video is a must see. The TOP places you MUST visit are showcased in this Guide to Al Ula. 1. Winter park - This is where you buy tickets for the different tours. The buses start from this place. It has restrooms and a Burger King. 2. Elephant Rock - This magnificent natural stone formation is shaped like an elephant by millions of years of wind and water erosion. It is a must-see! It is open for all visitors from 4pm to 2am, no booking needed! 3. Al Ula Old Town - This ancient city is quite well preserved. Made from mud-brick and palm tree, this city is now filled with souvenir shops. The outside is open for visitors, but to walk in the ancient houses, you need to book a tour. This town is now empty but the last of its residents didn't leave until as recently as the 1980s. 4. Dedan & Jabal Ikmah – Some hiking is needed, but you are rewarded with some amazing petroglyphs, some ancient script as well as the famed Lion Tombs. The ancient city of Dedan was the capital of the Arabian Kingdom of Dedan, and later the capital of Lihyan as well. Booking is needed. 5. Hegra (Madain Saleh) – It was built 2000 years ago by the Nabateans. These tombs are like those in Petra, Jordan. This site also has a Railway station and a Wagon from the Ottoman period. Booking is required. 6. Al Ula Viewpoint – On top of a mountain, this viewpoint boast stunning views of not only the city of Al Ula, but the surrounding Sandstone Mountains. The best time to visit is at sunset, when the landscape is awash with the golden light. There are viewing lounges, restrooms as well as telescopes. It is open for visitors at all times, no bookings needed! I hope you found this Guide to Al Ula helpful. For more information on tours and pricings, make sure to visit them at 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Chapters 00:00 - Intro to Al Ula Tourist Attractions 00:32 - Winter Park 01:19 - Elephant Rock 02:27 - Old Town (Tantora) 03:32 - Dedan & Jabal Ikmah 04:09 - Hegra (Nabatean Tombs) 05:23 - Al Ula Viewpoint #AlUla #Hegra #MadainSaleh #ExperienceAlUla #JabalIkmah #OldTownMarket #WinteratTantora #ElephantRock // العلا هي مدينة تقع في شمال غرب المملكة العربية السعودية. يسهل الوصول إليه عن طريق مطار الأمير عبدالمجيد بن عبد العزيز. في عام 2017 تم تشكيل الهيئة الملكية للعلا. في غضون 5 سنوات فقط ، تغيرت العلا تمامًا. إنها الآن وجهة سياحية مثيرة ، ولسبب وجيه! هذا المكان يضم بعض مناطق الجذب المدهشة. إذا كنت تخطط لزيارة العلا ، فلا بد من مشاهدة هذا الفيديو. يتم عرض أفضل الأماكن التي يجب عليك زيارتها في دليل العلا هذا. 1. وينتر بارك - هذا هو المكان الذي تشتري فيه تذاكر الجولات المختلفة. تبدأ الحافلات من هذا المكان. بها دورات مياه و برجر كنج. 2. صخرة الفيل - تم تشكيل هذا الحجر الطبيعي الرائع مثل الفيل بسبب ملايين السنين من التعرية بفعل الرياح والمياه. يجب أن تراها! إنه مفتوح لجميع الزوار من الساعة 4 مساءً حتى 2 صباحًا ، دون الحاجة إلى الحجز! 3. مدينة العلا القديمة - هذه المدينة القديمة محفوظة بشكل جيد. صُنعت هذه المدينة من الطوب اللبن وأشجار النخيل ، وهي مليئة الآن بمحلات بيع التذكارات. الخارج مفتوح للزوار ، ولكن للمشي في المنازل القديمة ، عليك حجز جولة. هذه البلدة خالية الآن لكن آخر سكانها لم يغادروا حتى الثمانينيات. 4. ددان وجبل عكمة - هناك حاجة إلى بعض المشي لمسافات طويلة ، ولكن ستتم مكافأتك ببعض النقوش الصخرية الرائعة ، وبعض النصوص القديمة بالإضافة إلى مقابر الأسد الشهيرة. كانت مدينة ددان القديمة عاصمة مملكة ددان العربية ، ولاحقًا عاصمة لحيان أيضًا. الحجز مطلوب. 5. الحجر (مدائن صالح) - إنها أول موقع تراث عالمي لليونسكو في المملكة العربية السعودية. تم بناؤه قبل 2000 عام من قبل الأنباط. هذه المدافن مثل تلك الموجودة في البتراء ، الأردن. يحتوي هذا الموقع أيضًا على محطة سكة حديد وعربة من العهد العثماني. الحجز مطلوب. 6. وجهة نظر - على قمة جبل ، تتميز وجهة النظر هذه بإطلالات خلابة ليس فقط على مدينة العلا ، ولكن على جبال الحجر الرملي المحيطة بها. أفضل وقت للزيارة هو عند غروب الشمس ، عندما يغمر الضوء الذهبي المناظر الطبيعية. يوجد صالات عرض ودورات مياه بالإضافة إلى تلسكوبات. إنه مفتوح للزوار في جميع الأوقات ، لا حاجة للحجوزات! أتمنى أن تكون قد وجدت دليل العلا هذا مفيدًا. لمزيد من المعلومات حول الجولات والأسعار ، تأكد من زيارتها على 🤍 - اشترك في قناتنا على اليوتيوب: 🤍 تابعنا على Facebook: 🤍 تابعنا على Instagram: 🤍

Saudi Arabia’s Hidden Gem (Surreal) | AlUla


It's hard to believe that I finally made it to Saudi Arabia, experience the beautiful culture and meet the kindest people in AlUla. This is the second episode of the series: AlUla, Saudi Arabia. WHO AM I 👋 I’m Ale, based in Madrid and London. I've travelled to 90+ countries, lived in 4 countries in the last 10 years and speak 4 languages. I make weekly videos around the world. LET'S BE FRIENDS 🌍 Web/blog - 🤍 💌 Newsletter - 🤍 📸 Instagram - 🤍 🐦 Twitter - 🤍 HOW I MAKE VIDEOS 🎥 My Gear - 🤍 THANK YOU 🎬 Kristina's channel: 🤍

SAUDI ARABIA Solo Travel 2022 | The incredible site of AlUla العلا


#saudiarabia #alula #solotravel Al-Ula is a unique region of Saudi Arabia that was hidden from tourists until 2019. Now the whole world has the opportunity to discover ancient places, which are more 6000 years old. AlUla is my third stop within my 10 days solo travel experience in Saudi Arabia, a country which opened to international tourism in 2019 only and it is is still partly misunderstood. Watch the Episode 1 here: 🤍 Watch the Episode 2 here: 🤍 SAUDI ARABIA is my country number 68/197! SUBSCRIBE to the channel to follow me in this crazy challenge of visiting EVERY single country in the world!

Al-Hijr MADAIN SALEH (AS) AlUla - 100% different than I thought 😱 | Hegra Al Ula Saudi Arabia KSA


Al-Hijr MADAIN SALEH (AS) AlUla Saudi Arabia The second largest city of the Nabatean Kingdom The most iconic historical site of Saudi Arabia Madain Saleh is the most iconic historical site of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the first to be listed as a UNESCO Word Heritage, back in 2008. It is located in the north of Madinah Province, in the area of Al-Ula, where many other fascinating archeological sites attest to the thousands of years of human occupation of the area thanks to the underground water available for millennia. Madain Saleh means the "cities of Saleh" after the name of the Prophet Saleh who tried to convert the ancient people of Thamud to Islam. But this name started to be used only during the Ottoman occupation of the Hejaz, whereas the people who built this city, the Nabateans, called it Hijra (as it appears in some ancient inscriptions at the site), and the Romans used to call it Hegra. The historical site is still known today in Arabic as Al-Hijr, after which a Surat of the Holy Quran is named. 🔴Don't Forget to Like & Subscribe to My Channel for NEW Videos :) My Vlogs 🤍 Food Videos 🤍 Madina All Ziyarah Videos 🤍 Makkah All Ziyarah Videos 🤍 Taif Ziyarah Videos 🤍 My Instagram 🤍 My Twitter 🤍 My Facebook Page 🤍 🔴 ONLY FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES PLEASE !!! (businessfareed🤍 Credits For Nasheeds I Use in my Vlogs Most of my Nasheeds Are from these channels 😊 please note the reuse article in there Description. 🤍 🤍 00:00 Intro & Ticket Buying 01:19 Al Hijaz Train Station

Les royaumes d'Arabie redécouverts : ALULA, HEGRA, DADAN


Les récentes découvertes des mustatils, ces mystérieux rectangles de pierre néolithiques au cœur du désert saoudien sont venus rappeler à quel point le nord-ouest de l’Arabie saoudite est riche d’histoire. Le site emblématique de la région est Al-‘Ulâ, oasis sur la route des caravanes, nommée parfois Dadan, vallée où se sont succédé les civilisations de la Préhistoire, les principautés antiques, le royaume Nabatéen et ses tombeaux troglodytes d’Hégra. Le projet : Des prospections systématiques sont organisées dans la région depuis 2013-2014. Aujourd’hui, une équipe franco-saoudienne mène les fouilles sous la direction notamment d'Abdulrahman Alsuhaibani (Université du Roi-Saoud), Jérôme Rohmer et Laïla Nehme (CNRS, Orient et Méditerrannée) Depuis peu, la volonté de développer le tourisme, à travers la Commission royale pour AlUla fondée en juillet 2017 et un accord signé avec la France en avril 2018 permet la mise en valeur des sites : 🤍 Nous remercions la Royal Commission pour Alula de nous avoir permis de filmer sur les sites archéologiques dans ces conditions particulièrement privilégiées. Merci au Dr. Abdulrahman Alsuhaibani et à son équipe d'avoir répondu à nos questions. Écriture : Lucas Pacotte Réalisation et montage : Clothilde Chamussy Vignette : Lilian Beuzelin Musique : Oud Taksim et Ney Taksim / Glenn Sharp ; Who is there / Kathryn Tickell Typographie : Marcellu SC / Astigmatic Licence Standard / Passé sauvage - janvier 2022 contact : quesaco.archeologie🤍 ou sur les réseaux 🤍passesauvage Bibliographie : Monumental landscapes of the Holocene humid period in Northern Arabia: The mustatil phenomenon : 🤍 -Crassard R. & al., « Addressing the Desert Kites Phenomenon and Its Global Range Through a Multi-proxy Approach », Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, Springer Verlag, 2015, 22 (4), p. 1093-1121. -Durand C. (dir.), « Petra et le royaume nabatéen », Les Dossiers d’archéologie, n°386, mars/avril 2018, Editions Faton. -Fiema Z. T. & Villeneuve F., « The Roman Military Camp in Ancient Hegra », in : Sommer C. S. & Matešić (dir.), Limes XXIII, Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies Ingolstadt 2015, Nünnerich-Amus Verlag, p. 702-711, 2018. -Groucutt H. S. & al., « Monumental landscapes of the Holocene humid period in Northern Arabia: The mustatil phenomenon », The Holocene, Vol. 30 (12), 2020. -Nehmé L. (dir.), Alula, Merveille d’Arabie, Gallimard & Institut du monde arabe, 2019. -Nehmé L. & al., Report on the 2018 and 2019 Seasons of the Madâ’in Sâlih Archaeological Project, CNRS, 2020. -Nehmé L. & al., Report on the Fifth Season (2014) of the Madâ’in Sâlih Archaeological Project, 2015. #ARABIE #MUSTATILS #RCU

Di Jauhi Nabi Muhammad! Arab Saudi Justru malah Kembangkan Kota Al Ula yang Terkutuk


#LensaAswaja – Ada sebuah kota yang disebut al ula, kota tersebut menurut sebuah riwayat, adalah sebuah kota yang dihindari oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW. kabarnya juga Nabi Muhammad SAW, bahkan pernah menyuruh pasukanNya, untuk membuang minuman dan gandum yang berasal dari kota tersebut. namun anehnya sahabat beriman, kini arab Saudi justru ingin membangun dan mengembangkan kota yang di hindari Nabi Muhammad tersebut. Lantas, APA TUJUAN ARAB SAUDI MEMBANGUN KOTA AL ULA ? , KENAPA RASULULLAH MENGHINDARI KOTA AL ULA ? , BAGAIMANA SEJARAH KOTA AL ULA ? , simak Video ini sampai akhir hanya di Channel Lensa Aswaja… #kotaterkutuk #kotaAlula = CATATAN : BEBERAPA GAMBAR / VIDEO HANYALAH ILUSTRASI =  Lensa Aswaja adalah Channel Islami yang menyajikan Informasi dan Kisah seputar Islam. Video di sini hanyalah referensi dari berbagai riset dan pengumpulan data dari sumber sumber yang ahlussunah wal jama’ah (Aswaja). Sedangkan Foto dan videonya dikemas dalam bentuk entertainment. Dan kami nyatakan, “Sungguh Kebenaran Hanyalah Milik ALLAH”. Sebagaimana dalam firmanNYA : اَلۡحَـقُّ مِنۡ رَّبِّكَ فَلَا تَكُوۡنَنَّ مِنَ الۡمُمۡتَرِيۡنَ “Kebenaran itu dari Tuhanmu, maka janganlah sekali-kali engkau (Muhammad) termasuk orang-orang yang ragu”.  🤍 TERIMAKASIH SUDAH MENONTON, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE DAN KOMENTAR SOPANNYA. ITU SANGAT BERARTI BAGI KAMI UNTUK MENAMBAH SEMANGAT MEMBUAT VIDEO ISLAMI MENARIK YANG LEBIH BERMANFAAT LAINNYA LAGI • Sebagian Beberapa footage di Channel ini bukan milik kami, Hak cipta dipegang sepenuhnya oleh masing-masing pemilik footage. Kami mengusahakan agar membuat video sesuai aturan penggunaan yang wajar (Section 107 Copyright Act 1976), Yang tentunya bertujuan untuk informasi pemberitaan, Edukasi dan Komentar. • Some of the footage on this channel is not ours, the copyright is fully owned by the respective owners of the footage. We strive to make videos according to the rules of fair use (Section 107 Copyright Act 1976), which of course aims for news information, education and comments.  For Copyright Issues, Business cooperation, you can contact me : lensaaswaja.official🤍



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[EP:39] Maraya Al ula , Saudi Arabia ഇതൊരു സംഭവം തന്നെ ! 😳


" വരൂ ,നമുക്ക്‌ ഒരുമിച്ച്‌ യാത്ര ചെയ്യാം " “ Come, Lets Travel Together “ #mallutraveler #overlanding #overland ..................... ENGLISH CHANNEL STUDIE IN UK 🇬🇧 +44 7383 133 133 India: 9207 089 816 Info🤍 🤍 🤍 ......................... Tasty Food UAE 🤍 +97165352780 🤍 ..................... Al moaserat Drinking water 🤍 ........................................ Follow me to see the unseen 👀 : INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Twitter :🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 Collaboration and promotion send us your requirements. 📨 Mail: contact🤍 ..............................................................

Visiting Al Ula Saudi Arabia + Mariah Carey Concert | Travel Vlog Mona Kattan


Follow my trip to Alula, Saudi Arabia for the opening of their new Banyan Tree resort! The perfect desert sanctuary, in a very private location with breathtaking views. I definitely recommend the experience! One of the highlights of our trip was seeing, Mariah Carey, LIVE!! She was absolutely fabulous! Dream come true ❤️ Have you guys been to Saudi? Let me know about your experience! About Me: Mona Kattan is the Co-Founder & Global President of Huda Beauty and Kayali. She is also the Co-Founder of HB Investments, the Kattan-Goncalo Family Investment Office based in Dubai. Follow me: Instagram: 🤍 SnapChat: 🤍 TikToK: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍

Saudi Arab's Ancient city of Al'Ula العُلیٰ


#HistoryArchives #AlUla #MadainAlSaleh #HazratSalehAH #QomeSamud #Thamud Al-'Ula, is a city of the Medina Region in north-western Saudi Arabia. Historically located on the incense route, the city lies within the Governorate of 'Ula, one of seven in the Medina Region, covering an area of 29,261 square kilometres. The city is 110 km southwest of Tayma and 300 km north of Medina.



🇸🇦Saudi’s hidden gem AlUla| Maraya | Hegra | Elephant Rock| Old Town| Habitas| AlUla zipline|


Al-Ula is a unique region of Saudi Arabia that was hidden from tourists until September 2019. Now the whole world has the opportunity to discover ancient places, which are more 6000 years old. In this episode: - Ancient tombs of Mada'in Salih ( Hegra), - Remains of Al-Hir - Biggest mirrored building in the world - Maraya concert-hall #saudiarabia #alula #habitas #hegra #elephantrock #oldtown #alulamoments #alulaexperience #sauditourism #southafricanyoutuber #saudiexpats #southafrica #southafrican #whattodoinsaudi #thingstodo #saudivlogs #alulazipline #winterpark



Judul : Kita Lebaran (Ap Maap Lam Salam) Artis : Alula & Aisy Cipt : Eki Dzikri Composer : Eki Dzikri Arranger : Eki Dzikri & Hamid Alatas Guitar and Editor : Qobar Mixing & Mastering : Hamid Alatas Video by AlulaAisy Home Studio Director : Eki Dzikri Cameraman : Eki Dzikri Editor : Eki Dzikri Prod : Oval & Fael For Business : 081320063300 (WA only) Youtube : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Tiktok : 🤍 Snack Video : 🤍

Discover Al Ula | Alula


AlUla Old Town, where pilgrims, travelers, and permanent settlers congregated through the ages. Inhabited from before the 12th century up until the early 1980s, AlUla Old Town offers researchers unique oral histories and living memory that the area’s other heritage sites cannot. This iconic geological marvel is a wonder to see in the daylight or at nighttime. As the sun sets, colors dance in the sky, and this epic elephant turns a magnificent shade of red. Capture the perfect picture or stay for late-night stargazing. Dotting the area surrounding this famous landmark, find sunken seating, great for families or groups of friends. Hello friends, Welcome to "Indian Everywhere", I like to share my travel experience with you all so that your travel becomes hassle-free On my channel, you will get all the tips and tricks for traveling on a budget. If you need any visa assistance in any country do drop a message in the comment below. #elephantrockalula #Alulaoldtown#Alula Please click the link below to subscribe to my channel. 🤍 Do visit my other travel series Austria Trip # 🤍 Thailand Trip # 🤍 Georgia Trip # 🤍 Saudi Trip # 🤍 Hiking Trip # 🤍 Jordan Trip # 🤍 al ula saudi arabia al ula airport al ula hotels al ula weather al ula cursed al ula tour package al ula tantura al ula declaration al ula agreement shaden resort al ula elephant rock al ula experience al ula royal commission of al ula jeddah to al ula sahary al ula resort banyan tree al ula habitas al ula ashar resort al ula madain saleh al ula ali zafar balaghal ula be kamalehi ali zafar balaghal ula be kamalehi lyrics al ula old town market al ula old town restaurants al ula nearest city al ula opening times al ula activities al ula what to do history of al ula old town al.ula hotels al ula history al ula things to do elephant rock al ula directions elephant rock al ula history why is it called elephant mountain where is elephant mountain located elephant rock al ula ticket elephant rock al ula wikipedia elephant rock at night elephant rock riyadh elephant rock saudi arabia price elephant rock saudi arabia dinner elephant rock saudi arabia seating jabal alfil

AL ULA: Saudi Arabia's Top Tourist Destination? Saudi Travel Vlog العلا في السعودية


Go to for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to 🤍 to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. In this vlog we're off to explore Al Ula! It's very likely that in just a few short years, Al Ula will be considered a world-class, top tourism destination. It's full of ancient tombs left over by the Nabataens, the same civilization that built Petra in Jordan. The only difference is, here in Al Ula, these sites are almost completely untouched by tourism! I want to give a huge thank you to my friend Luke Perry for allowing me to use some of his drone footage from our trip in this video! He's an incredible cinematographer and you can check out some of his work on his Instagram at 🤍 I have SO MUCH more from Saudi Arabia coming soon to the channel, so subscribe now if you haven't already! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Keep up with my travels! Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 MY EQUIPMENT: DJI Pocket 2 Gimbal Camera: 🤍 DJI Action 2 Camera: 🤍 DJI Mini 2 Drone: 🤍 All of my gear: 🤍 Music: Epidemic Sound. This site is incredible. Get a 30 day free trial here! 🤍 Track: Steve Hartz - Never Get Old [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 #saudiarabia #alula #visitsaudi #discoveralula #ksa #saudia #saudi #travelvlog #saudivlog #solotravel

An Unforgettable Day in Al Ula | Saudi Arabia


This day in Al Ula was definitely now of the biggest highlights of my trip and a memory I will cherish. I went with Meteb and Mohammad on the trip as part of ‘AMAZING TOURS’ - There were 8 other people in my group and we all stayed in Medina the first night before heading to Al Ula. Meteb was such an amazing tour guide, I originally found out about Meteb and Amazing Tours from Trip Advisor with people commenting so highly about his tours. Check out their website to find out more about the different type of tours they provide. AMAZING TOURS 🤍 _ Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 _ Le Meridien Hotel in Medina: 🤍 There is limited accommodation around Al Ula and even the Sherry hotel was booked up so we had to camp but this accommodation is one of the most popular ones. The Shahary Hotel in Al Ula: 🤍 _ MY SAUDI ARABIA PLAYLIST ( 8 PART SERIES) : 🤍 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Music : 🤍

Discover Al Ula - How to Visit Saudi Arabia's New Jewel of Tourism العلا Hegra (Madain Saleh) UNESCO


Saudi Arabia's crown jewel of tourism is Al Ula العلا - a small, ancient city in the northwestern corner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An ancient stop on the incense route, the UNESCO heritage site of Al Ula has been home to many different people including the Dedans, the Romans, and most famously, the Nabateans. The Nabatean Kingdom stretched from Petra in Jordan to Al Ula's Hegra (Mada'in Saleh/Madain Saleh) in the south. In this video, we have the opportunity to visit Al Ula for the second time - after 5 years in which the government did extensive renovations in Al Ula to Old Town and the other sites including Jabal Ikmah, Dedan, and Hegra. We visited Elephant Rock, Old Town, and Hegra. Plus we camped out in the desert near Al Ula. We share how to visit Al Ula and what it's like to take part in the tours right now! ▬▬▬▬▬ جوهرة تاج السياحة في المملكة العربية السعودية هي العلا العلا - وهي مدينة قديمة صغيرة في الركن الشمالي الغربي من المملكة العربية السعودية. كانت مدينة العلا ، وهي موقع قديم على طريق البخور ، موطنًا للعديد من الأشخاص المختلفين بما في ذلك الددان والرومان وأشهرهم الأنباط. امتدت مملكة الأنباط من البتراء في الأردن إلى هجرة العلا جنوباً (مدائن صالح / مدائن صالح). في هذا الفيديو ، لدينا الفرصة لزيارة العلا للمرة الثانية - بعد 5 سنوات أجرت فيها الحكومة تجديدات واسعة النطاق في العلا للمدينة القديمة والمواقع الأخرى بما في ذلك جبل إكمة وديدان وهجرة. قمنا بزيارة Elephant Rock والمدينة القديمة و Hegra. بالإضافة إلى أننا خيمنا في الصحراء بالقرب من العلا. نشارك كيف نزور العلا وكيف تبدو المشاركة في الجولات الآن! ▬▬▬▬▬ Camping and Offroad Equipment we love: 🤍 How we get our great drone footage: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate, we can earn commissions from qualifying purchases if you use our links. This is at no additional cost to you. ▬▬▬▬▬ F O L L O W A L O N G ► SUBSCRIBE to keep up with this series and all of our travels in Saudi Arabia and around the world ►This video is part of our 3-week tour around Saudi Arabia: 🤍 (playlist) ► Follow us on instagram for more photos of our travel and life in Saudi: ↠Eric's instagram: 🤍 ↠Ashley's instagram: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬ A B O U T U S We’re Eric and Ashley, an American couple who has spent the last 5 years living and working in Saudi Arabia. We’ve traveled a TON in the time we’ve been here, but in the craziness of 2020 (and 2021), we decided to finally do some real exploring in the country we’re fortunate enough to call home for now. As Saudi Arabia is finally opening up for tourism, we’re taking the chance to experience both the famous and off-the-beaten path the Kingdom has to offer. Our goal is to show you the uniqueness of the country and inspire you to set out on your own adventures – whether in remote corners of the world or just down the road from your home. ▬▬▬▬▬ music from Epidemic Sound: 🤍 #alula #visitsaudi #saudiarabia

Al Ula | Exploring Saudi Arabia's Grand Canyon


his was my final day in Saudi Arabia, Day 8, and I spent it in the desert area of Al Ula surrounded by incredible canyons and enjoying it with a great bunch of people I met there. It was the second day of our tour with Meteb from the tour company ‘AMAZING TOURS’. DAY 1 IN AL ULA: 🤍 Meteb was such an amazing tour guide, I originally found out about Meteb and Amazing Tours from Trip Advisor with people commenting so highly about his tours. Check out their website to find out more about the different type of tours they provide. AMAZING TOURS 🤍 _ There is limited accommodation around Al Ula and even the Sherry hotel was booked up so we had to camp but this accommodation is one of the most popular ones. The Shahary Hotel in Al Ula: 🤍 _ MY SAUDI ARABIA PLAYLIST ( 8 PART SERIES) : 🤍 _ Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 _ SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Music : 🤍

സൗദി അൽ ഉല മനുഷ്യരുടെ പുരാതന പട്ടണവും തോട്ടവും; Al Ula Old Town History and Citrus Fest Saudi Arabia


അറേബ്യൻ മേഖലയിൽ തന്നെ സഹസ്രാബ്ദങ്ങളുടെ ചരിത്രം പേറുന്ന മണ്ണാണ് സൗദിയിലെ അൽ ഉല. അവിടെ പുരാതനമായൊരു നഗരമുണ്ട്. അതിന് എതിർവശത്തായി പഴമയുടെ കഥ പറയുന്ന ഓറഞ്ച് ഫാമും. അവിടെ നിന്നുള്ള വിശേഷങ്ങളാണ് ഇനി. മനുഷ്യ ജീവിതത്തോളം പഴക്കമുള്ള ഒരു നാട്. അതാണ് ആധുനിക സൗദി അറേബ്യയിലെ മദീനാ പ്രവിശ്യയിലുള്ള അൽ ഉല. മദീനയിൽ നിന്നും 330 കി.മീ ദൂരം. വിശ്വ പ്രസിദ്ധമായ സൗദിയിലെ പെട്ര, ഹെഗ്ര, ഹിജ്ർ എന്നല്ലാം അറിയപ്പെടുന്ന അഥവാ മദാഇൻ സ്വാലിഹിൽ നിന്നും 20 കി.മീ അകലെ. 12-ആം നൂറ്റാണ്ടിന് മുൻപേ മുതൽ തുടങ്ങിയതാണ് ഇവിടെ ജീവിതം. 1980-കളുടെ ആരംഭം വരെ വിവിധ ജനസമൂഹങ്ങൾ ജീവിച്ചു പോന്നു. ഓൾഡ് ടൗണെന്നും ദീരയെന്നും വിളിച്ചു പോന്ന പുരാതന നഗരം. #MediaoneSaudi Report: #AfthabuRahman #AlUlaOldTown #SaudiArabia #MalayalamNewsLive #MalayalamLatestNews #Mediaone Malayalam Latest News Videos Log onto MediaOne news live TV for the latest Malayalam news update, Kerala breaking news, gulf news, trending Malayalam news, Malayalam entertainment, sports news. MediaOne is a 24x7 news channel which broadcasts the updated news from trustworthy sources. The fastest-growing channel with varied presentations makes the channel unique. So stay tuned with MediaOne for the latest updates that are happening around the world. കേരളത്തിലെ ഏറ്റവും മികച്ച വാര്‍ത്താ നെറ്റ്‌വര്‍ക്കാണ് മീഡിയവണ്‍. മൂല്യാധിഷ്ഠിതവും സ്വതന്ത്രവുമായ മാധ്യമപ്രവർത്തനം നടത്തുന്ന മലയാള ന്യൂസ് ടെലിവിഷൻ ചാനലാണിത്‌. 24 മണിക്കൂറും ലോകത്തിന്‍റെ ഏത് ഭാഗത്ത് നിന്നും ഇവിടെ തത്സമയം കാണാം. അതിവേഗം വാര്‍ത്താ വീഡിയോകള്‍ ലഭിക്കാൻ മീഡിയവണ്‍ സബ്സ്ക്രൈബ് ചെയ്യാം. സോഷ്യൽ മീഡിയ പ്ലാറ്റ്ഫോമുകളിലും മുൻനിരയിലാണ് മീഡിയവൺ. Follow us: 🔺Youtube News Live: 🤍 🔺Mediaone Plex: 🤍 🔺Youtube Program: 🤍 🔺Website: 🤍 🔺Facebook: 🤍 🔺Instagram: 🤍 🔺Telegram: 🤍 Follow us for the latest malayalam updates, Kerala news live and news around the world with MediaOne News live TV. For more visit us: 🤍 #MediaoneNews #MalayalamNews Genre: News Language: Malayalam

al ula 900 years old town Saudi Arabia | al ula | Abdul Latif Chohan


al ula 900 years old town Saudi Arabia | al ula | Abdul Latif Chohan Facebook Page:  🤍 Tik Tok :🤍alatifchohan for Contact Instagram  :  🤍 Telegram 👉 🤍 Watsaap : +966571890622 Historical Places in Saudi Arabia 🤍   #abdullatifchohan #alula #alulamoments



Tempat wisata Arab Saudi banyak yang menarik dan bisa dikunjungi. Tempat wisata Arab Saudi banyak tersebar di seluruh wilayah Arab Saudi. Video Trip To Al Ula kali ini kami mengikuti Al Ula Helicopter Tour / jalan jalan naik helikopter mengelilingi kota Al Ula. Al Ula Helicopter Tour / jalan jalan naik helikopter sangat mengasyikan bisa melihat formasi bebatuan kuno yang menjulang tinggi dengan ragam bentuk estetik berdiri kokoh. Mengikuti Al Ula Helicopter Tour / Jalan jalan naik helikopter adalah melihat dari udara obyek wisata Elephant Rock Al Ula, Madain Saleh/Hegra, Dadan Al Ula, Jabal Ikmah atau perpustakaan kuno, Maraya Concert Hall dan Al Ula Old Town. Al Ula Helicopter Tour / Jalan jalan naik helikopter adalah pengalaman pertama kali melihat pemandangan gurun yang menakjubkan dan situs-situs arkeologi yang menjadi landmark kota Al Ula dari udara. #Alulahelicoptertour #Jalanjalannaikhelicopter #Triptoalula #Tempatwisataarabsaudi Tonton terus dan ikuti perjalanan kami explore tempat wisata Arab Saudi, jangan lupa like, comment, share dan subscribe pada tiap videonya. Terima kasih sudah menyaksikan video kami 👍🙏🌹 Follow perjalanan kami di instagram 🤍ivonne_mayaa

Alula dan Aisy Full Album II Lagu Cover Viral Terbaru 2023


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Exploring Al Ula's Incredible Scenes - Day #1


After 9 months of being stranded in Jeddah, I was lucky enough to escape the city and enjoy a long weekend in the incredible destination that is Al Ula! I stayed at the Shaden Resort which was an absolute gem, and spent the first day enjoying lunch by Elephant Rock, and hiking through some epic trecherous scenery. More to come when I get to editing Day #2! DM me on Instagram if you want to know more - I'll try help out as much as I can. 🤍

Al Ula Family Itinerary Day1: Journey to Sahary Resort


It was raining hard along the way. We saw plenty of camels. Sahary Al Ula Resort is beautiful, more to explore on next days.



ALULA DAN AISY - RINDU MUHAMMADKU (NEW COVER) RINDU MUHAMMADKU Original Song : 🤍 Musik : Vocal : Alula dan Aisy Arr : Eki Dzikri & Hamid Guitar : Qobar Mixing & Mastering : Hamid Alatas Videograph and Editor : Eki Dzikri For Business : 081320063300 (WA only) Youtube : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Tiktok : 🤍 Snack Video : 🤍



Kumpulan beberapa solawat ALULA & AISY yang disusun ke dalam satu video atau daftar putar. Sumber Vidio : 🤍 Artis : Alula dan Aisy Gitar : Eki Zikri Editor : Muhammad Rizki Shihab Jangan lupa tekan tombol subscribnya agar teman-teman selalu mendapatkan informasi upload video terbaru dari saluran ini : = Tonton video kami yang lain : 🤍 = Daftar Sholawat : RAHMATUN LIL ALAMIN NATAWASSAL BIL HUBABAH YA TARIM MUGHROM ALLAHUL KAAFI ATUNA TUFULI SHOLLALLAHU ALA MUHAMMAD Terimakasih telah berkunjung ke saluran kami , semoga semuanya diberikan keberkahan , ketenangan batin dan membangkitkan semangat . #sholawat #sholawatmerdu #solawat #solawatviral #sholawatjibril #sholawatan #solawatmerdu #shorts #shortsvideo #shortsfeed #aluaisy #Alulaaisy #rahmatunlilalameen #viraltiktok #alulaaisy

Hegra Tour 2021 sa Al Ula (part 1) | Tabuk Adventures


Pls read the description for more information. Watch til the end :) Facebook page: 🤍 Don't forget to like and subscribe! Go to 🤍 for more information. To book tickets for the Hegra Tour: 🤍 Winter Park Al Ula (location of tour): 🤍 [Some sounds had to be muted due to copyright restrictions so please excuse the parts of the video with no sound]



ALULA DAN AISY - WAHDANA (COVER) Vocal : Alula & Aisy Music Arranger : Hamid Alatas Guitar : Qobar Bass : Hamid Alatas Mixing and Mastering : Hamid Alatas Video and Editing : Eki Dzikri For Business : 081320063300 (WA only) Youtube : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Tiktok : 🤍 Snack Video : 🤍

Al Ula Winter Park- Tabuk Saudi Arabia


Vlog # 16 Tabuk Travel Part II Wow Saudi Arabia Special Thanks to our friend- Franklyn who created our itinerary and continuously followed us in our journey from the beginning till the end. Winter park - المنتزه الشتوي, Al Ula 🤍 Al Ula Tour Site: 1. Dadan 2. Jabal Ikma 3. Hijaz Railway 4. Hegra 5. AlMakher 6. Barzan Restaurant 7. Heritage Garden resturant 8. Winter Park 9. AlUla Oasis 10. Stargazing at Algharameel 11. Adventure Trail 12. Art Park 13. Ashar Valley 14. Horse Trail 15. Bike Trail 16. Elephant Rock 17. Jar Rock 18. AlUla Fresh Farm 19. Harrat Uwaired 20. Finger Rock 21. Dancing Rock 22. Rainbow Rock 23. Gharameel Coming soon: 24. Maraya 25. AlWAdi Farm 26. Bike Park& Dunes Buggies 27. AlUla Old Town 28. Ashar Resort 29. Habitas Resort 30. Zipline

AL ULA OLD TOWN | Trip To Al Ula | Tempat Wisata Arab Saudi


Video kali ini kami mau mengajak teman-teman explore tempat wisata Arab Saudi yang berada di kota tua Al Ula atau dikenal dengan Al Ula Old Town Kota tua Al Ula / Al Ula Old Town adalah merupakan kota sejarah yang terkenal dengan situs-situs arkeologi berusia lebih dari 2000 tahun. Dahulu Al Ula menjadi pusat perdagangan kuno yang mrnghubungkan utara dan selatan semenanjung dan menjadi salah satu titik perhentian utama bagi peziarah yang bepergian antara Suriah dan Mekkah. Al Ula terkenal dengan bebatuan kuno yang menjulang tinggi dengan ragam bentuk estetik berdiri kokoh di sepanjang jalan. #Alulaoldtown #jalanjalandiarabsaudi #tempatwisataarabsaudi Music: Sunny Musician: Ilya Truhanov URL: 🤍 Tonton terus dan ikuti perjalanan kami eksplore tempat wisata Arab Saudi, jangan lupa like, comment, share dan subscribe pada tiap videonya. Terima kasih sudah menyaksikan video kami. Follow perjalanan kami di instagram 🤍ivonne_mayaa

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